I did it. After a month of hesitations, I have finally signed up for my first half marathon with my breastfriend. It’s a Nike Victory Tour event in our country where women buddies can sign up and finish a whopping 21-kilometer run.


I started running regularly around four years ago (2011) to lose weight. I was 20 pounds heavier when I started a new project. The office I was assigned to was located inside a compound that encouraged their employees to run. So, seeing it as an opportunity, I ran once a week. I’ve always loved that runs gave me a sense of peace and calm; a time with just me and my thoughts. I don’t remember losing weight that time and if I was able to maintain it. Around 10 months after (2012), my family needed me so I was mostly out of the office. I was at the hospital taking care of my mother because of her heart surgery. I lost the 20 pounds I gained mainly due to lesser food intake and some weekend trips to the gym for a 5KM run on the treadmill. I was still able to eat three meals a day, albeit a lighter breakfast, but I had no snacks. After my mother was discharged and back to her old self, I was thin and looked sick, if not malnourished. To provide an easier comparison, my clothes were all loose ; I was down from a large to a small. After a while, I grew tired of what I looked like. I stopped running regularly and focused on strength training to somehow gain muscle. I still joined different runs. I think I did two 10Ks and one 5K. I went to the gym but found out later on that it was not for me. I tried Crossfit as a bucket list for last year (2015) and fell in love with it. Finally, some gainzzzzz. I gained all the weight back in the right places, but sadly, I still had a pudgy tummy. I learned that to get the toned tummy I wanted, I needed to lose the carbs. I love my carbs so I said to myself, “Gurrrrl, maybe you need to run again”

I hated the first few runs I did. My lungs were on fire. My legs were painful for a week. It was a long road going back to my first love. Next week will be the start of my serious training for the half marathon. I have exactly 10 weeks left and I am nervous as hell. I am still trying to look for ways I can balance my Crossfit with my training. Maybe I have to talk to the Crossfit coach if I can follow a different training program. I can also think of a lot of issues with running long distances.. in the morning (if you know what I mean, ;)) but just as what my friend retweeted, “Don’t let your fear decide your future”, or something like that.


Oh God. Someone, please pray for me!!


P.S. I blame my PMS for me signing up.

P.P.S I’m planning to write a lot about this journey so… I am expecting a lot of expletives and crying and panic.


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