Half Series: Week 1

Monday (March 7)



I honestly had the hardest time with the high pulls in the Burgener Warm Up. Maybe it’s the grip since we used the snatch grip which is wider. My left elbow seems very weak compared to my right too. The coach noticed my elbow too and that I was having a hard time doing the movements smoothly so he opted to just reduce my sets to three. That’s a big YAY for me.

Next part was the deadlift in a decline using 80-90% PR. I had no idea what my PR was so the coach told me to load up 30KG plates, making the total weight 45KG. Basically, you stand on the two 15KG plates, fingers in snatch grip, activate your shoulders and hips and then deadlift. I have to tell you DEADLIFTS ARE MY THING. I LOVE THEM. The coach said that my standing-up form was good but I needed to relax my arms because my elbows tended to bend when I activated my shoulders. So, I did, and finished the workout quite successfully.

The last workout was 3 rounds for time of: 5 lap runs, 21 KB Swings at 16 KG, 15 Lying Leg Raises and 9 ring dips. Seeing as I do not have that much upper body strength, I did the scaled version of the ring dips wherein I stand in front of a box, hold the rings close to my sides, and tiptoe resting my heel on the box (DID I MAKE SENSE?). That’s the starting position. From here, I dip until my knees are near the floor, and then go up. This was the hardest part of the third workout. I was sweating buckets every time I was at that station. I think I finished all three rounds in 19 – 20 minutes.

Tuesday (March 8)

8KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.26.49 PM

Okay… This is going to be short. Today, Aunty Flow has signaled her arrival for the month (if ya know what I mean 😉 ) Since she hadn’t arrived yet, I decided to push through. I started the run with the breastfriend but by the third kilometer, mother nature was beckoning me so I had to stop and answer her call. I continued until reaching eight kilometers.

The run was… hard. Even with the rest the unexpected detour gave me, my legs were sore, tight and heavy. It must be from the workouts yesterday. I finished the run in less than an hour which is already acceptable to me.

Wednesday (March 9)

Crossfit Day turned Rest Day

Today was supposed to be another Crossfit class but Aunty Flow didn’t want any and my parents were visiting so I just decided to rest and have dinner with the parents after work.

Thursday (March 10)

5KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.26.49 PM

Since yesterday was supposed to be Crossfit day, my bag was packed with wrong (training) shoes. My run wasn’t as easy as I expected. It might be due to the wrong shoes and socks or maybe the past few days have taken a toll on my legs?

Friday (March 11)



WHAT CAN I SAY? My glutes hurt right now. Warm up was the usual cardio. I was dreading the skills segment because it had been a long time since I did a snatch. We had two parts for the snatches. First one was for the different snatch starting points (Hips, Mid-thigh, Below the knee) and the second one was for the types of snatches (Muscle, Power, Squats). We had to do two reps of each for three sets. Arms were sore because my hips weren’t explosive enough, as per the coach. Nonetheless, I feel so accomplished with what I was able to do.

The TABATA one was exhausting. It looked easy when it was written on the board and on the floor but when the timer started, I realized that it was not a walk in the park. The rule was, our chest should always be upright and our hips back. No squats. If our chest were to bend forward, we had to change KB weight. I started with 16KG KB for both, but had to switch to 8KG for the high pulls. The coach had to correct my form a lot of times because I tended to squat instead of pushing my hips back. In the end, I had “better” form and my glutes were cramping and burning.

Saturday (March 12)


Sunday (March 13)

10KM Run—NOT

I was supposed to run 10KM today but walking under the noon sun for around 45 minutes was brutal. Add to that, my tummy was super bad and bloated. I decided to just rest up to prepare my body for week 2.


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