Half Series: Week 2


Monday (March 14)



We had community WOD today. Since we were just two, we had to do five rounds for time. Basically, the Pacer (Me) will run two laps while the Other (Ms. Anna) planks. After I finish the run, we switch roles- she runs two laps while I plank. Then the Pacer (me) will do 10 box jumps while Ms. Anna (Other) will do Hollow Holds or Rocks. Just like the first one, we switch roles after I complete the 10 box jumps— she does 10 box jumps while I do the hollow holds or rocks. During the workout, I chose to do the hollow hold but at the last round, I scaled down to hollow rocks.

Today’s WOD was fast; I think it was only around 17 minutes but it was worth it. I was sweating during the planks. It also tested my abilities and by that I mean I had to work double time so my partner didn’t have to wait for me for too long. My lower back is sore right now. I’m not sure if it’s from the workout or from the session we had from Karada last Saturday.


Tuesday (March 15)

10KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.12.11 PM


These were my thoughts during my run. I was questioning my life choices while pushing and dragging my feet forward. Somehow this run was worse than the last. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. HUHU

At four kilometers, my iPod crashed and rebooted (which explains why only six kilometers is recorded in Nike+). Buti na lang I checked and remembered the distance and time (four kilometers, 32 minutes) I’ve covered before it gave up on me. I restarted the Nike+ app to six kilometers, and finished this leg in 45:11. This makes my 10KM to…. 1:17:11!

I checked my fastest 10KM from last year and this one’s better! Yay!

Wednesday (March 16)



With my legs still sore from yesterday’s run, I was hesitant to go to the box. I messaged my coach asking for the day’s WOD but I got no reply. As I was deciding if I should push through with today’s session, my cousin texted me informing me of a family dinner at a restaurant located inside the mall where my box is. So I said, this might be sign. Tinadhana ng Diyos na mag-workout ako. Hahaha

Warm up was jogs, push ups and sit-ups. The main WOD was a community WOD, meaning I and my partner had to share the workload. The formula to compute how many reps we had to do together is n (no. of people) x 100 for the box jumps, 50 for the rest. Since dalawa lang kami (Ms. Anna and me again!), this brought the total to 200 box jumps, 100 burpees (half-burpees were allowed, which we did), 100 pull-ups (in our case, ring pull ups) and 100 push ups (box knee push ups for us; hands on the box and knees on the floor). We decided to split the reps evenly.

Box jumps were easy enough despite my sore legs. I was actually surprised at how light I felt and how high I was jumping even though we set the box at the lowest height. PROGRESS! Time to up the box height!

On the other hand, the burpees were a challenge. We had to stop every 20 reps so we could catch our breath. The ring pull ups were even more challenging. We started alternating every 10 reps then scaled down to every five reps. My biceps turned numb!! Lastly, the push ups were like torture to my chest, on the part that’s connected to my arm. I was slightly disappointed at myself since I know that I am good at knee push ups 😦

We had a 45-minute cap and we finished it before the time was up! YAY TO US!

Thursday (March 17)

Rest Day

Friday (March 18)



Today’s WOD was a community WOD, but the usual people who come in at the 7PM class did not show up. So… I HAD TO DO THE COMMUNITY WOD ALONE. <insert cray meme>

Warm up was two rounds of five lap jogs and 500 meter rows. Sounds like a breeze but NO. I was tired after the first round!

Next is the WOD’s part I which consists of two laps of hurdle runs, jump rope, jumping jacks, plank, sit ups and hollow rocks. The hurdle runs are laps along the track but with boxes of different heights you jump over as hurdles. I’ve done the hurdle runs before but I STEPPED on the boxes. This time, the coach only allowed me to step on the highest one which is 50 cm (I think); I had to jump over the 30 and 40 cm. With a community WOD, usually I would’ve done the other workouts while my partner was doing the laps. However, since I was alone (both pacer and other), the coach timed my two lap hurdle run and used that measured time to determine how long I’ll do the other workouts. I got a minute so that meant I would do one minute of each. For a clearer picture, here is what I did:

  • 2 laps hurdle run, 1 minute JR, 1 minute JJ, 1 minute plank, 1 minute sit ups, 1 minute hollow rocks
  • 3 laps hurdle run, 1 minute JR, 1 minute JJ, 1 minute plank
  • 3 laps hurdle run, 1 minute sit ups, 1 minute hollow rocks
  • 2 laps hurdle run, 1 minute JR, 1 minute JJ, 1 minute plank
  • 2 laps hurdle run, 1 minute sit ups, 1 minute hollow rocks

(I’m not really sure with the last two, but that’s what I remember hehe)

Here is  photo of half of the track


After this was the seven minutes AMRAP of 10 burpees, 10 KB Swings, 10 Air Squats and 30-meter sprint.

My first round I got a good time but the succeeding ones were not as great. My legs were very tight and sore so my burpees and sprints were slow. Squats were also painful. KB Swings were like short rests for my legs. At the end of the seven minutes, I was only able to do three rounds plus eight burpees. Not bad for a Friday workout week ender. I think. I’ll probably regret this tomorrow or on Sunday.

March 19 (Saturday)

Rest Day (Casita Ysabel with the girls, #TitasOfCasita)

Surprisingly, my body was not sore from yesterday’s workout, well, except for my lower back.We went kayaking for about an hour and a half until the sun set. Does this count as a workout?!



March 20 (Sunday)

5KM run turned rest day
We planned on going for a short run inside Casita Ysabel but realized that there was no way we could do that. The resort was on a mountain; you had to go down a set of steps to get to the beach or anywhere, actually. Seeing as there was no level route to run on, I decided to rest and just enjoy the place.


Three days of rest this week. I am not happy. Hopefully the next week will be better. I’m still hoping for a five days of training and 2 days rest.


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