Half Series: Week 3

Monday (March 21)



I was expecting and dreading today’s WOD since last week was mostly bodyweight and cardio exercises. I was thinking this week might be more focused on strength but today’s WOD was all cardio.

Warm up was a little game called Roxanne. A song called Roxanne, which is around three minutes long, was played and every time we heard the word “Roxanne” we would have to do a burpee. At the beginning of the song, there were only around three “Roxanne” at long intervals. However, towards the end, the singer just kept saying “Roxanne” maybe five to six consecutive times. I had to catch up because I didn’t hear one. It was a great and fun warm up!

The skills portion was purely running drills: 30 meters each of arm swing, high knees, modified butt kicks, the LL and two 30-meter sprints. The first two are basic so I won’t explain them anymore. The modified butt kicks are like the usual butt kicks but with a large forward stride. I can’t find a video to show this though. 😦

The LL is the straight leg bounds (I googled it, hehe) where you bound forward with your legs straight in front. Am I making sense? For the demo, here is a great article with a video.

Running Drills

Lastly, we combined everything and gave our maximum effort to run as fast as we could—the sprints. I think these exercises are a big help to my half marathon training even though I hate them. 😛

The main WOD consists of four rounds of one minute run, one minute row, one minute jump rope and one minute jumping jacks. All in all the workout was 16 minutes. I believe I did not take a break during the whole 16 minutes except maybe when I was transitioning between exercises or setting up the rowers and jump ropes. With this WOD, I feel my endurance is now better than before which is what I am aiming improve for the half marathon.

Tuesday (March 22)

10KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.07.26 PM

As you can see, Nike+ website logged 9.9KM instead of 10KM. I swear it’s 10KM. Here’s the proof from my iPod. 😛


This run was better than last week’s 10KM. I tried changing my food intake (i.e. I ate a lot of carbohydrate-rich food) today up to two hours before my run. I think I found the perfect pace and I realized that I should really stay away from the uphill part if I want a faster time. As you can see in the detailed per kilometer graph, those red portions were my trips up the bridge because I was only walking; I treated those parts as my rest. At the last part, at around the eight kilometer mark, is when I felt a twinge on my left chest. I panicked and slowed down, afraid I was starting to have a heart attack. Lol. I also felt some acid reflux from time to time and of course, the usual sipon and post-nasal drip I always get. I wonder how I could avoid those.

This is my best 10KM run time yet at 1:12:53, or 1:13 to round it up. YAAAS!


When I ran today, I wished on the first star I saw that I beat my 1:17 10KM PR and I DID! Woohoo! #smallwins


Wednesday (March 23)

Rest Day

No time for workout or run today. I had to work overtime today so I wouldn’t make it to the 6 or 7PM Crossfit classes. Also, the fitness center inside our office compound was closed for the Holy Week so no run for me either.


Thursday (March 24)

5KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.54.07 AM

Thank God I was able to squeeze in a short run on the treadmill at night. I went back to my hometown for the Holy Week. We were supposed to leave Manila in the morning but it was pushed back to around 4:30PM because of the intense traffic along the highways.

Again, the Nike+ website logged one meter less (4.99KM) than my Nike+ app (5KM). Here’s a photo from my iPod app.


I don’t know why it keeps doing this. It’s really frustrating especially since I am tracking my best times and this one is supposed to be my best time for 5KM.

The run itself was unlike others. I was trying to run as fast as I could to work on my speed. As always, naghihingalo na ako when I finished.

Friday (March 25)

Home Workout


I was practically asleep the whole afternoon so I chose a quick workout. It was later that I realized that most of the workouts were for the legs. I got the workout from 360 Fit’s Instagram account.

Nothing new with the workout; I just needed an activity to keep my body active so I don’t lose momentum.

Saturday (March 26)

7.5KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 8.50.37 PM

Compared to my run last Thursday, this was an easier run even though it is longer. I didn’t push myself that hard since I decided I needed an “easy” run once in a while. My target was to finish 7.5KM in less than an hour. Amazingly, I was able to run 7.62KM in around 47 minutes. It was not my plan to run that much but who am I to complain? 😉

Pro Tip: When running long boring distances, I think it is best to listen to songs you know the lyrics to and are full of emotions. Why? Because you’ll definitely sing to them, not noticing that you’ve already logged lots of kilometers. Plus, you’ll sing your heart out releasing all those pent-up emotions and energy as you run. My power song right now is I Lived by One Republic. Listen to it and you’ll find out why!

Sunday (March 27)

Home Workout


I wanted to do a core workout to compliment the leg workouts I’ve been having this week. I went through old workouts from my Crossfit classes and settled on EMOM 30minutes (six rounds): Situps, Plank, Scissors, Plank, Heel Touches. With this kind of workout, you basically do the exercises one minute each; no rest in between.

I felt something wrong with my planks and I can’t pinpoint what. I was thinking it was the mat; maybe my arms were sliding forward and my legs backward making the mat stretch so much. Or maybe I was just too tired by this time seeing that my arms and legs were also sore and trembling. HAHAHA. I hope this improves later on.


Wow. My first six-day training week. Not bad, not bad. Week 4 will be a little more relaxed with more rest days.


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