Half Series: Week 4

This is going to be a looong post, so bear with me! 🙂

Monday (March 28)



They say, “When you don’t feel like going to the gym, THAT’s when you have to go the gym”. It doesn’t ring any more true than today. I was feeling lazy to drag my butt to the box to workout. I kept telling myself “You need to rest” or “Naka-6 days ka naman last week e. Kumain ka na lang” HAHAHA. I am really glad na kinonsensya ko ang sarili ko and was able to catch the 6PM Crossfit class.

The workout had three parts aside from the warm-ups. Warm up was the Burgener Warm Up and 10 laps jog along the track.

Part one of the WOD was five set of five reps of back squat. The coach wanted us to focus on form rather than the weight: inhale, move hips back, squat while holding our breath, stand up and at 90% completion, exhale while finishing the squat. He also corrected our grip. He saw that we tended to use a wide grip when it is supposed to be one to two thumbs away from the shoulder. The wider grip puts strain on the arms making it harder to retract the scapula. Another thing he corrected was our wrists. Our wrists were pulled back and this also puts strain on them. The correct form would be for the wrists to be at neutral position. This could be achieved by rolling our wrists forward after stepping back from the rack. I was really focused on perfecting the squat form and breathing techniques so I opted to stay at 25KG.

The second part was five rounds TABATA of hollow holds and superman holds. The coach was strict on this one. In the hollow holds, toes should be pointing forward while the arms should be overhead passed the ears, with the shoulders not touching the floor. In the superman hold, arms should be overhead, elbows pointing sidewards and the toes pointing forward. Chest and knees should not touch the floor. The coach asked me to lift my chest higher but I couldn’t. I closed my eyes during the workout so I don’t see the time i.e. how much longer I was going to endure that painful position.

The last part was 21-15-9 reps of Toes to Bars (scaled down to Hanging Knee Raises), front rack lunges and sit ups with a 17 minute cap. Since none of us could do the toes to bars, we all scaled down to hanging knee raises. In this kind of workout, we do the exercises 21 reps each, and then move on to 15 reps each and then finally to nine reps each.

Knee raises were the most challenging exercise. I sometimes had a hard time getting the momentum to swing my body to lift my knees. The pull up bar also felt thick so I couldn’t hold on to it completely. For the lunges, since it was my first time doing them, I just used an empty bar (15KG). I completed the workout at 7:24. Next time, I’ll add weight to the lunges!

Overall, I am really happy that I went to the box. As I said before, the best workouts are the workouts you didn’t want to do and end up being good at!

Tuesday (March 29)

Rest Day. I ate too much from the dinner with my mom and titas. We had Japanese food which included insane amounts of Wagyu steak and sushi .#boated.

Wednesday (March 30)



We did so much today! I think it had four parts!

Warm up was 10 laps jog. At odd laps, we jogged along the track. At even laps, we jogged with obstacles made from paralettes. I honestly loved this warm up; the obstacles weren’t so high and we were jogging at a relaxed pace!

The second part was box jumps. We were tasked to find the highest height that we could box jump. I started at 40cm and 50cm; these were my usual heights. It was my first time to try the 60cm height and man, I was stoked that I was able to jump that high. I added three five kg plates one at a time to test my jumps further. Good news! I was able to jump until three plates. I stopped at that because I felt my legs trembling and my body unbalanced. Coach said that was probably about 70cm. It took me a lot of time too because I was afraid to fall face first or butt first. (which has happened before, hehe).

The third part was skills: banana rolls, on 4’s roll, plank roll and plank side walk. I’m not really sure if I can explain each one but I’ll try my best. Okay, here I go:

Banana rolls- from the hollow hold position, you roll to your right until you get into the superman position. That’s one rep. You do that again to the other side. That’s another rep. I think I only did a total of six or seven. Hehehehe.

Here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZKDU3KglYM but this guy started in superman position.

On 4’s roll- the starting position is you’re on all fours. To roll to your left, you put your left shoulder under your right arm, lower your left hip, roll to the left, end up on all fours. When rolling to your right, you put your right shoulder under your left arm, lower your right hip, roll to the right, end up on all fours. That’s one rep.

Plank roll- It’s basically the same with on 4’s roll except you start in the plank position and you just lower your elbow.

Plank side walk- I think this is already familiar. From the plank position, you walk sideways.

I couldn’t find videos for the others 😦

I really had a difficult time in the banana rolls and on 4’s rolls. I haven’t gotten the hang of rolling to the sides when doing banana rolls! Maybe my core isn’t that strong or maybe I’m doing something wrong haha! As for the on 4’s roll, my hip landings were very hard; the coach said it should be light. I think it’s because my hips were highly elevated when on all fours making it hard for me to lightly land on the floor. I came to this conclusion because I noticed that I had an easier time with the plank rolls (where my hips were a little lower). By the way, these are skills training for landing from handstands.

The last part was a “chipper” workout. In this type of workout, you can chip or divide the required reps the way you want while still complete everything within the time cap. For example if you have to do 50 squats and 50 push ups, you can do 25 squats first, then 10 push ups, then another 25 squats and so on as long as you finish the required reps in the allotted time.

Here’s the catch though, in today’s workout, we had to do a 30-second plank every two minutes!

In my case, I completed the 150 single unders first within two minutes. Planked. I did 20 Goblet Squats within the next two minutes. Planked. I went to do the 20 ring rows because my legs were burning. Planked. I went back to the Goblet Squats and did another 20. Planked. I ran five 30 meter sprints. Planked.  I did 17 Wall Balls. Planked. I did the last 13 Wall Balls. Planked. I ran another four 30-meter springs. Planked. At last, I ran one 30-meter sprint.

YOU CAN JUST IMAGINE MY FRUSTRATION WITH THAT LAST SPRINT. At the 13:50 mark, I was ¾ finished with my ninth sprint. There was no way I could finish the last sprint in time so I stopped and caught my breath. 😦 I finished the chipper workout at 14:36, the last one to finish.

All in all, I was disappointed with my performance today even though I worked out almost every inch of my body. I expected more from myself especially towards the end. It just sucks that I am the one who has been Crossfitting the longest in that class but I finished last. I KNOW this is not a competition against others and that I should be competing against myself. That should be my mantra every day.

Thursday (March 31)

8KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.11.54 PM

With my legs heavy from yesterday’s workout, I reduced my target distance to just eight kilometers; I was originally going to run 12 kilometers. I also told myself that this would be an easy run because I did not want to strain my legs any more. As usual, the red points are when I was walking up the bridge. I finished the run at 58:57.


Friday (April 1)

Home workout

I decided to skip a trip to the box because I did not want to risk doing a leg workout again. Good news though, I finally got to use my Jungle Gym XT suspension trainers! I’ve had these since January but never got the chance to use them. I looked for a workout on the Internet and tried this one out http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/best-trx-abs-workout/

I initially thought of doing 21-15-9 but after trying out the pikes, I decided to just do 21. HAHAHA.

TRX Pike- It was my first time to do the pikes and it was difficult at first but I got the hang of it later on. I don’t think I got up to the inverted V but at least I was able to raise my hips 😛

TRX Atomic Push-ups. These were a big NO. I can’t even do a proper regular push up. HAHAHAHA. I tried it once and I ended up falling face first so, next!

TRX Hamstring Runners. Oh, I loved this but where are my hamstrings? HAHAHA! I felt more work on my legs than on my abs, though.

TRX Side Planks. Just like the atomic push ups, I failed at these. I kept falling to my sides. 😦

TRX Oblique Crunches. Another one I loved if I actually did them correctly hehehe

TRX Double Leg Raises. Based from the instructions, this does not work if the suspension trainers are mounted on a door. I tried it and it was true so another no.

TRX Body Saw. This was the hardest of all. It was hard setting up but I did feel the burn on my core so it was worth it! 😀

I felt really bad that I did not do all the workouts so I added 21 suspended rows; a little something for my upper body. Hehe.

Saturday (April 2)

Rest Day. A morning session with my derma. In the afternoon, we cooked fresh tomato and garlic pasta and roasted chicken with baby potatoes,

IMG_8443   IMG_8446

and had craft session (well, I did). This is me during my never-ending quest to perfect that “b”.

Photo 04-04-2016, 10 21 28 PM.jpg

Lastly, a dinner date in Mad Mark’s UP Town Center.  We had the fried chicken and ribs!

IMG_8451   IMG_8453

A Saturday well spent 🙂

Sunday (April 3)

Rest Day. We watched cute little kids dance jazz with the boyfriend’s family!


Before the recital, we had lunch at Backyard Kitchen and Brew in UP Town Center. We had melt-in your-mouth slow roasted pork belly with barbecue sauce,

Photo 03-04-2016, 12 34 13 PM.jpg

roasted beef belly oozing with gravy topped with egg

Photo 03-04-2016, 12 33 55 PM.jpg

and the sinful pulled pork with whipped bone marrow on ciabatta. YUUHMMY.

Photo 03-04-2016, 12 35 12 PM.jpg

That pork belly was the best one for me- ang sarap ng taba. Pero dahil gutom na gutom ako, I ate too fast at na-umay ako bigla 😦 So I advise you to eat slowly and enjoy each bite. We will definitely be going back!

It was a great week because I had a lot of rest days. Now, I’m gearing up for another training-packed week. We’re almost halfway to the race week.


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