Half Series: Week 5

And… I am on the halfway mark! Five more weeks until the race day. I AM NERVOUS.

Monday (April 4)

Rest Day.

I had a skin treatment done last Saturday so no workout for me yet!

Tuesday (April 5)

12KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.56.38 PMI started running uphill this time to save on time because I knew it would take a long time for me to finish 12 kilometers. Hehe. After around seven kilometers, my knees started to hurt so I slowed down. My left chest also started to get sore; I really hope it’s not my heart. I finished the run at 1:17. This was my first 12KM and I think it’s a great one considering I was expecting it to take at least two hours. Hahaha.

I’m really starting to get concerned with my knees and chest. I hope this training thing wouldn’t wreck my knees 😦

Wednesday (April 6)

Forced rest day

I was supposed to go Crossfit but work took sooooo long <cry>

Thursday (April 7)
















Finally, a crossfit day. All day I was thinking of not going because I’ve been out of the box for too long but I ate a lot today so I felt really guilty. 😛

I arrived past 6PM ready to attend the 7PM class but the coach saw me and said I could attend the 6PM class which hadn’t really started.

The workout had three parts: skills, warm up and main WOD. We skipped the skills part, setting it aside for after the main WOD. The warm up was five laps jog, and some active stretching. I was a little confused during the active stretching, trying to mimic the coach’s demonstration. Hehehe.

The main WOD consists of 20-16-10 for time of: box jumps, pike on box to hand walk, pistol squats.I did the box jumps at 50cm. Something felt wrong with my jumps; I felt like falling forward but I got through it.

I’m trying to find a perfect image to show the starting position of the pike on the box but I couldn’t. Hehe. You kneel at the edge of the box and put your palms on the floor making a pike position. From here, you hand walk until you reach the plank position and then hand walk back to the starting position. Each “step” of a hand is one rep. I made four steps to reach the plank and another four steps going back to the pike position.

Lastly, we did the pistol squats beside a box for support when we need it. I’m not really sure if my form was correct. I remember another coach correcting me before but I forgot what. Today, the coach (not the one who corrected me before) didn’t comment so I don’t know.

After doing 20 of each I forgot that we only needed to do 16 and then 10 more so on my second round, I did 16 box jumps and 20 pikes and 20 pistol squats. My time was 7:47 while the average was between 9-10 minutes. As usual, I was the last one to finish but I am not disappointed!

See my name? 🙂

We snuck in the skills part since we finished early. We had to practice the kick-off part of a handstand—you put your hands on the floor, dominant foot forward (right) and non-dominant (left) foot back, kick your non-dominant leg up and jump with the other leg. I volunteered to do it first and did an okay kick off. My non-dominant leg wasn’t very straight yet so I rested and let others take their turns. When the coach asked if we wanted to do it again, I said YES. This time I think I was able to correct my non-dominant leg and bring up my other leg. The coach assisted me and put my legs on the wall. YAAAAY! After a few seconds, I felt my body falling and trying to half itself so I panicked and squeaked. Hehe. I think it was because I relaxed my shoulders so my body naturally became unbalanced. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Tomorrow we’re going to do the kick off to legs on the wall. Here’s a photo to show how to hand stand.


As I was doing the workout today, I asked myself why I didn’t want to go today.  I WAS HAVING SO MUCH FUN. It really was a nice feeling being able to do and complete the different workouts. And this is why I love working out. #neverforget

Friday (April 8)



I made it to the 6PM class again!! 😀

I saw the workout yesterday and was super psyched to work out today. Warm up was 500 meters row and ADWU (active dynamic warm up). We didn’t get to do WYU though.

Main WOD is EMOM seven minutes of five thrusters and five burpees over the bar.

Thrusters- From a clean position, you squat and then as you go up, thrust or push the bar overhead, head through your arms. Here’s a demo to be more accurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aea5BGj9a8Y

It had to be a full squat to be counted. I initially had a difficult time because I couldn’t find my balance going down to squat. And because we only had one minute do finish the thrusters and burpees I had to be quick making me lose control. I also felt something wrong with the movements like I wasn’t moving smoothly like the others were. However, the coach only called on me because my head wasn’t through my arms. HEHE, don’t worry, I think I corrected it

Burpees over the bar- These are regular burpees but instead of just jumping up, you jump over the bar to the other sid. We were allowed to do half burpees but I did full burpees for about four rounds and did half burpees the other three rounds.

At the end of the workout my legs were shaking and I was catching my breath! Jelly legs yo!

The last part was the cash-out. 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest of: plate overhead hold, v hold and superman hold, for three rounds. We all went and got a five kilogram plate each but at the last round, the coach gave us one 10 kilogram plate each!

We did not get to do the skills part 😦 Hopefully, we’ll do them some other day.

What a great way to end the work week. Now, off to the weekend to get some rest and have fun!

Saturday (April 9)

Rest Day.

The boyfriend and I had a wonderful day around the east area. We went to Pinto Art Museum in the morning (more on this in another post 🙂 ),





We had lunch in the homey and chill Rustic Mornings.

with bonus photo of the guard, hehe
This is one side of the outdoor dining area, where we were
Here is the other side. Ang saya siguro mag-date diyan where the barkada was 🙂
My forever date
Stalker peg. HAHA! We were seated outside so nahiya naman akong pumasok. This is the door to the indoor dining area

We also bought some stuff from Common Room (SO MANY COOL STUFF HERE)  in Katipunan. Brush pen for me and room fragrance for the boyfriend. Afterwards, we had coffee at Equatorial (which is just beside Common Room) since we couldn’t find Craft Coffee.

So hipster!

Ang sarap ng Angry Black sa Equatorial, parang coffee sprite!

Sunday (April 10)

Rest Day

Some down time so this day was for calligraphy drills 🙂




I only had one run this week so I am a  bit disappointed with myself 😦 I just hope Crossfit does give me the endurance I need.


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