Half Series: Week 7

Monday (April 18)



For the first time in a very long time, I was actually early for class! I came 10 minutes before time and I thought I was going to do the workout alone. 😦 But when I came out after changing, Erika was also there 🙂

Warm up was jogs, rows, passthroughs with a PVC pipe and some dynamic warmups.

Since this month’s skill focus is hand stand, the coach had us practice our hand stands. I think we all each did five? This time the coach asked us to try moving our legs off the wall. I am not entirely sure if I was able to do that but I do remember feeling soreness on my lower back. We also did wall walks.

The next part was the strength segment which was five reps, five sets of push press. We were supposed to use 80 percent bodyweight but I opted to just five KG (20KG total) for four sets and 10 KG (25KG total) for one. It had been a long time since my last push press and I used to use dumb bells so this is a big up for me despite the small plates.

On to the main WOD which is METCON three rounds for time of:

  • 21 shoulder to overhead or S2O (press or jerk)
  • 15 double unders or 30 single unders
  • 9 box jumps
  • 300 meter row

Seeing that we were going to do a ton of S2O, we removed the plates from the barbell. I also did single unders instead of double unders to save on time. I was slow in doing the S2O which affected my time but I noticed I was able to make up with the rows. I was able to catch up and finish the workout with Erika. Yay!

Tuesday (April 19)

5KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.10.30 PM.png

We had a family dinner planned so today’s run was a short one. I gave myself 30 minutes to complete the 5KM run so I could have enough time to prep. The run was uneventful but I did exceed my target and ran 5.11KM. 😛

Wednesday (April 20)

Rest Day

The sister is here until Friday morning to attend a supplier’s event. Like the usual, I am going with her which meant I get to sleep over where she’ll be staying.

  • Big No- no workouts can be scheduled
  • Big Pro- free accommodations at Makati Shangri-La Hotel!!

We had dinner with the other participants, a buffet dinner might I add. I checked out the Health Club (WHICH IS OPEN 24 HOURS) and the pool (OPEN FROM 6AM to 10PM). The Health Club was intimidating with all the foreigners and posh people working out but the equipment looked great. I opted to just stay in for the night and work out the morning after to avoid the crowd.

Thursday (April 21)

30 minute run

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.10.51 PM.png

I woke up at 5AM to at least get some exercise in before I went to work. There were only about four or five of us by the time I got to the Health Center. Thursdays were for my runs so I hopped on the treadmill, plus I didn’t know where I could do core exercises. I started late so I only really had 30 minutes before I shower and eat breakfast at Circles, another buffet meal <3.

Their waffles and bacon are worth the workout you’ll need to do to burn those sinful, heart-clogging and diabetes-inducing calories.

Now that I write about it, I am disappointed with my “treadmill lang” session. Sayang ang opportunity 😦 I mean, look at their space, equipment.. and their changing rooms! May jacuzzi, guys! Paano ba maging member dito?!


Had to take a stalker pic HAHAHA. This is like 3/4 of the place.
Their changing room even has a pre-changing room!

Lockers, showers, toilets and mirrors!

AND A FREAKING JACUZZI. Sorry na, first time ko makakita in a gym! They also have a sauna or steam room (?)


Friday (April 22)

45min swim. Or attempt at swimming


There was an internal struggle as to what workout I would do today. Since it was a Friday, I would usually go to the box for Crossfit. I initially wanted to do a core or strength workout  at the Health Club but I thought, “Who has access to an amazing, clean pool (with a lifeguard and bar service) and not take advantage of it? ”  So, I decided to go down and head straight to the pool. I was up at 5:30AM to prep and by 6:06 had signed in. I was the first one too!

There was a lifeguard on duty and the pool guys were finishing up cleaning the pool and the bar. I proceeded to the 4ft to 5ft area.

I am not a good swimmer; I have no real skills so I just kick with my legs. The lifeguard approached me and gave me his goggles which I really appreciated. Kuya Bong, the lifeguard, also gave me informal lessons teaching me how to breathe while swimming, how to kick, and how to move my arms. He was patient and kept giving me tips and guidance.

I really had fun and felt bad leaving the pool. Kuya Bong and the other guys were really nice and friendly. And because of that,  gusto ko na mag-swimming lessons, like legit swimming lessons. Anybody know where I can sign up? Mukhang masayang matutunan ito.

Saturday (April 23)

Rest Day

My mom and aunt arrived yesterday for some errands and I went out with them today. Mama and I sneaked in a spa date 🙂


Sunday (April 24)

Rest Day

This day to catch up with my series-watching and reading.I started Lucifer and loved it. Haaay. Tom Ellis, why so gwapo and charming?


It was such an unproductive week for me but I guess I needed the rest and the new experience (swimming). I hope I can make up for it next week!



This was my breakfast for two days straight. DE-LI-CIO-SO!






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