Half Series: Week 8

Monday (April 25)



Well, today was a fun class! I think we were nine in total with two newbies.

Warm up was eight laps jog and dynamic warm ups.

We did the usual skills focus, hand stands, next. This time Coaches Pat and Louie wanted us to practice hand stand push ups. When they asked who could do a hand stand, only one raised his hand. Hehe. With this lone volunteer, the rest of us did wall walks. This time though, I tried placing my hands far from the wall to encourage me to “walk” my arms back close to the wall after walking my legs up to the wall. The main comment with my form was my core. Coach Pat said I needed to tighten my core so my body wouldn’t bend in the middle.

The next part was strength, and again we did 80% BW push press. We did EMOM seven minutes of six push presses. This meant we had to do six push presses in a minute, for seven minutes. I like that Coach Louie focused on our form and kept looking at us while we did the WOD for corrections and suggestions. I used 20KG weight for this part.

The last part was METCON 21-15-9-6-3 of deadlifts, KB swings and deficit push ups. Deficit push ups are push ups with your arms holding onto something elevated (paralletes). I did the super scaled version which was knee push ups with hand release. From the starting position, you push up, go down, stretch your arm forward and then push up again. That’s one count. I used 35KG weight for the deadlifts and 16KG for the KB swing.

As we were about to start, Coach Louie told us to drink water because the workout had a twist. And that is…… we had a time cap of 17 minutes! Everybody was scared because when you sum up everything, you really had to do 54 of each. Imagine the pain! I was a little panicking while doing the workout because I was seeing my classmates moving to the next set faster than I was. I kept my cool and kept breathing and cursing. I finished the workout earlier than what I expected, 11:16. 😀 Guess what guys, I think I finished third or fourth! So happy!! I felt so macho after! Jelly legs, pero macho pa rin!

Out of everything today I’m really glad that I got all the workout forms correct. Hallejujah!

Tuesday (April 26)

14KM Run

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.18.36 PM.png

My hamstrings were tired and painful from yesterday’s deadlifts and my lower back was sore from the kettlebell swings. I wanted to see progress in my run distance so I forced myself to still run. At the beginning of the run, I told myself I’d take my time so I wouldn’t burn out too quickly. The run was looooong and excruciating. I was sort of worried with my pace but I kept telling myself that this was normal. I had a lot of rest walks too.

It was also the first time I brought my phone with me to record my run. Finally, my route is now on file! My target was to finish in two hours or less so at the last kilometer, I ran the fastest I could which was still slooooow.

My legs were dead by the time I finished the run in 1:59:43 (still within my target!!)

Wednesday (April 27)

Rest Day

I decided to not go to Crossfit class to give my legs their well-deserved rest. Ramen night at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Shangri-La with my love ❤

These are the second-best spicy dumplings I’ve ever had! Not as spicy as the ones from Crystal Jade, but it has its own appeal 🙂
Spicy Tobanjan Tonkptsu
Yuzu Tama Tonkotsu

Thursday (April 28)

Rest Day (Les Miserables)

We went on half day leave to watch Les Miserables in Solaire. In the afternoon though, I had an appointment and we decided to hang out at Toby’s Estate before heading to Solaire.

I really love this
I’d really like to go here again and just read or do some crafts or anything really.

Les Miserables took forever to finish; I think it was four hours total. Rachelle Ann Go was amazeballs; her singing was full of emotions unlike the others who just sounded screaming, imho. I also loved the couple who took care of Cossette when she was just a child; they were funny and really entertaining. Oh, and the children who played Cossette, Eponine and the kid who joined the revolution (sorry, I’m bad with names) were adorable and so talented at such a young age. I fell asleep at some parts because it was already past my bedtime by then. Heh.

Overall, I enjoyed the musical but not as much as Wicked. The story was heartwrenching but I could only connect to the Fantine-Valjean-Cossette relationship.

Oh, and I bought a souvenir bag!





Friday (April 29)



I was really excited to go to Crossfit today. My legs were finally okay albeit some minor pain.

Warm up was three laps run and 500 meter row. We didn’t do the air squats anymore. John, one of the athletes of our box, facilitated the class with Coach Pat. Cooleos.

We headed off to the strength part which is to find our heaviest overhead squat. I’ve never done a complete, successful overhead squat; the bar tended to fall forward whenever I attempted before. I told this to John and he said, “Well, let’s see”. We practiced on PVC pipes first and that was relatively easy: put the bar on your back, press (snatch grip), lock your elbows, and then squat (butt out, knees out). When we proceeded to use the empty bar (15KG), I felt like I couldn’t push my hips back and the barbell kept falling forward. John was observing me and corrected some points. First, of course, was my hips. He said I should imagine sitting down kasi nga when you sit down, pwet muna 😛 Second, he asked me to widen my grip. Lastly, he noticed that my core wasn’t activated while going down to squat. His advise was to inhale, squat down while holding my breath to keep the core activated, stand up, and then exhale. I took his advice and he said I looked better. I still felt some tightness on my lower back and he said that it was normal.. but is it though? I need to google this.

I tried the overhead squats again, three reps each, for 20KG and 25KG. At 25KG, I only did a half squat so I stopped since the time was already up.

The last part was METCON with 17 minute cap. We had to do 1000 meter row (which is actually one kilometer), 50 bar thrusters and 30 pull ups. Pull ups (with band) were torture. I remember having been good at this before 😦 I finished the METCON with a few seconds to spare, 16:38!



Saturday (April 30)

Rest Day (Bangus Festival)

I went home to the province today with some friends to join the Bangus Festival closing. It’s this annual festival in our home city which is famous for milkfish (bangus) . Today was just full of eating good food and enjoying good company.


Sunday (May 1)

Rest Day (Pistay Dayat)

We went to the beach today to catch fresh sea air and join another festival, Pistay Dayat. We arrived at around 10AM and the beach was packed; all cottages were occupied so we settled on just sitting on the sand. We only stayed for about an hour because of the heat. I forgot to bring swimwear so I just stayed at the shore. Afterwards, we had a sumptuous lunch which included Binagoongang Crispy Pata at one of the iconic restaurants in our city and headed back to Manila after.

The gurls
Ang daming tao!


I will always come back for you


Only one run this week. My workouts are progressively getting fewer as I near the run and I don’t know if that’s good or bad.


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