Half Series: Week 9

Here I am finally at the last week of official training for the half marathon..

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.56.32 PM.png

Monday (May 2)



There were nine of us so the class had a lot of interactions and distractions HAHA. We took a really long time before starting the main WOD.

Warm up was some active stretching and Burgener Warm Up but only up to the cleans.

This month’s skill focus is the clean which I love so much ❤

Today, Coach Pat taught us the clean grip deadlift. The clean grip deadlift is the first step of a successful clean. Like the deadlift you start from the floor and slowly lift the bar up to the knee with your shoulders a little over the bar, legs at hip width and with your hands well, at clean grip. Unlike a regular deadlift though where you continue this slow place up to about mid-thigh, a clean grip deadlift requires a little explosiveness when lifting from knee to mid-thigh. This means that when the bar is already at knee level, you speed up the lift to the mid-thigh.

Another difference is the hip height. Unlike a deadlift where your hips are high, a clean’s starting position requires the hips to be a little lower. I love how our box now has a skill focus each month. It makes me not lose interest in things that I would I miss because now I know, every time I go, I’d get to do it.

Next, the METCON WOD consisted of the following with a 20 minute cap

  • Five laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • Four laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • Thee laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • Two laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • One lap medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)

I used the 15lbs medicine ball and I think I used 35kg or 25kg for the deadlifts. My arms were sore holding that big cotton-filled medicine ball while running. I started carrying it in front of my chest then shifted it to my right arm (kargador style) then to my left but my arms just couldn’t take it. I’m so glad finished the workout alive with 8:57 left on the clock. So I guess I finished it in 11:03. The struggle was real but the sweat and pain were still worth it.

Look, guys! Finally, hindi ako last!


Tuesday (May 3)

Rest Day

I was at work by 6AM and by the afternoon, I was already crashing. I wanted to go to Crossfit instead of running because of the skills focus but I did not have a ride. I decided to just go home and rest up for the next few days.

Wednesday (May 4)



Yay! Crossfit again.

We had Coach Louie today so I knew it was going to be a great session. Warm up was seven laps indian run(?). We ran in one line and at the first turn on the track, the last person in the line would have to run fast so he/she could overtake the first person in the line. Guess what? I was the last one in line! We got confused at first but we were laughing by the time we finished. It was a different kind of warm up.

For the strength part, Coach Pat wanted us to activate our calves so we did some rounds of calf raises.

In the skills portion, Coach Louie taught us how to do a medicine ball clean. I think I’ve only done this once. The starting position is with the ball, label facing front,  between the feet which are in hip-width stance. Like what they taught us with the clean grip deadlift, we held the ball with our hips slightly lower and shoulder slightly over the ball. From this starting position, we would lift the ball and then shrug, highpull and then clean (turnover). To know that a medicine ball clean is successful is to look at the label of the ball- it shouldn’t move. This meant that the hand moved, not the ball (or the barbell if it was a barbell clean). I was successful during the drills but Coach Louie noticed that I didn’t pull high enough.

Our WOD today was another METCON four rounds for time, with 20 minute cap of:

  • 40 double unders/120 single unders
  • 12 medicine ball cleans
  • 12 shoulder to overhead

I decided to do 120 single unders because I knew I wouldn’t be able to deliver consistent double unders. For the medicine ball cleans, the RX was 15lbs but I used 10lbs. For the should to overhead, I tried 25KG but it was hard lifting that much continuously so I downgraded to 20kg. I finished third out of seven at 13:53. As tired as I was, I felt so accomplished. Yes, I did the scaled version but nothing beats completing a workout you thought you couldn’t finish. ALWAYS COMPETE WITH YOURSELF.



Thursday (May 5)

16KM run. Crossfit


I was supposed to run today but I went to Crossfit instead. Hehehe. I am on a roll! No more long runs for me until D Day.

I think we were around seven today. Warm up was eight laps jog. We added a different kind of stretching to enhance our front rack mobility. While holding the bar in front squat starting position, our partners had to push our elbows towards our body until we were uncomfortable. The only uncomfortable thing we felt was the bar digging unto our necks but aside from that, we were pretty flexible.

In the skills part, Coach Pat had the help of Coach Celize in teaching us Power Cleans. Here is a demo image c/o google search

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 5.48.54 PM

One big problem of mine is the high pull. I either pull really early or I don’t pull at all. Another problem is my hip drive; I forget to “explode” when the bar reaches my hips making me lose that additional force to propel the bar upward. Coach Celize kept pushing me to try and try again until I could get the clean right which I really appreciated. She also led drills that broke the power clean into different parts: deadlift, deadlift to high pull, and deadlift to high pull to clean.

The WOD was another METCON with 14 minute cap. It included:

  • At odd (minutes), 10 russian kettlebell swings (16KG), the rest of the minute box jumps at 40cm
  • At even (minutes), 10 toes to tars or hanging leg raises, the rest of the minute burpees.

This meant that at the start of the clock, 0 to 1 minute, I did 10 kettlebell swings. If I finished before a minute, I spent the remaining time doing box jumps. At 1-2 minute, I did hanging leg raises. If I finished before the end of the minute, I did burpees until the minute ended, and so on. I usually finished the kettlebell swings and hanging leg raises within 30 seconds. Burpees were the toughest so I took my time. I think I was able to do 5-10 burpees per round.

I was catching my breath all throughout the workout but when I was done, I felt pumped and ready to take on the world. I knew the workout worked most, if not all, of my body, and that is always a good session.

I really admire Coach Celize. Despite her petite figure, she is really strong. She makes cleans and snatches look really easy. #peg

For tomorrow’s WOD, the board said:

Birthday WOD


It’s Coach Louie’s birthday tomorrow and he is going to make the workout. I am terrified but excited. Another tough workout to endure and overcome!

Friday (May 6)

Crossfit. Rest Day. Fridate

Fridays usually meant a date night before I started this half marathon training. Since I already had three sessions this week, I asked Kit if he wanted to go out. When he said yes, I was torn. I still really wanted to go to Crossfit because I wanted to know what the surprise was but I needed to spend time with him. In the end, I chose the date night. ❤

We bought some calligraphy tools and had Korean dinner in Rockwell Powerplant.


Saturday (May 7)

Rest Day

Off to the home city for the weekend and the election.

Sunday (May 8)

Home Workout


I’ve been eating a lot this week and I felt so chunky. Before going to sleep, I tried this full body workout from an app called “My Workout App”. Lol. It’s this app that helps you track your workout and has instructions, even link to youtube videos, on how to do them properly. I used my brother’s weighlifting equipment. With the extreme heat, I was struggling throughout so much so that I had to keep my breathing in check. This was my routine:

  • Deadlifts: 3 sets, 8 reps @ 30lbs
  • Back squat: 3 sets, 10 reps @ 20lbs
  • Bent-Over barbell row ups: 3 sets, 8 reps @ 20lbs
  • Barbell Military Press: 3 sets, 8 reps @20lbs
  • EZ-Bar curl: 3 sets, 8 reps @20lbs


I can’t believe that this concludes my half marathon training, that I am finally done with it. I’ve decided to not train next week to give my body ample time to rest and rebuild before the 21KM run. It also helps that my Crossfit membership ends on Tuesday next week. It has been a fun experience blogging about this; it has kept me committed and accountable for what I would do for each day. It has helped me push myself further and in turn has helped me love what I was doing.

My next post would probably be about the run itself. I know I am not fully ready for it but I also know that I am somehow better than when I started. I am choosing to have faith in myself and if I fall, stumble or trip on my way to that finish line, I know now that I can stand up, brush it off and continue running… or maybe go to the medic.

Wish me luck, dear reader. Wish me luck.



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