Tokyo Adventure: Backstory

Early this year, my cousin planned on coming home to the Philippines from the US. She, having been born and raised there, wanted to explore the Philippines and well, Asia more. Our other cousins, nephews and nieces were busy with their school and work so it was just I and my one nephew accompanying my cousin. We talked about a lot of places we could go to like Palawan, Bataan, Japan, and Taiwan but with her two-week vacation, we could only accommodate one trip.

Her vacation was from the last week of May to first week of June.  It would be summer by then so we chose to go to El Nido. We almost had the itinerary down; we were already looking for flights, hotels and tours. However, things did not go as planned. Our family put our trip on-hold and we were disappointed. Summer was not going our way. We decided to let it go and just wait for a miracle to happen… 😦

It was already the first week of May (May 6 to be exact, lol) when we tried our luck once again. We asked our parents if we could go to Japan instead, seeing as El Nido flights and accommodations might be booked already. I was very hesitant to ask again so I was shocked when my mom answered my “Pwede ba kami pumunta sa Japan?” text with “OK”.  SHE SAID OK. They all said YES!

After getting all their approvals, we booked our flights and AirBNB para wala nang bawian! By the next week, our itinerary was ironed out. It was just a matter of counting down the days until we would leave.

Tokyo, here we come!

Before I start telling you what happened (or didn’t happen) in Tokyo, I am sharing with you our itinerary where each day is focused by area. I had a lot of fun looking for places and trying to find out on which day we could fit them into. Full disclosure though, this was only our guide and strayed off on some days.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.47.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.47.53 PM


Stay tuned for posts coming in the next days to see how we got lost and had a memorable adventure in the busy prefecture (yup, googled it) that is Tokyo!

またね (Mata ne) !


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