Tokyo Adventure Day 2: Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo is blessed with having two Disney theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. I don’t really know the difference but upon googling it, Tokyo Disneyland is like other Disneyland theme parks in other countries; nothing really unique according to this blog Travels In Translation. Disney Sea, on the other hand, is only available in Japan and has a “sea” theme. We let Kate (cousin from the US who is visiting) decide and she chose Disney Sea. My choice too, if you ask me.

We allocated one whole day for Disney Sea because IT IS Disney Sea. We planned on leaving at 8AM to get an early start but as I expected, we left at around 9AM. We stopped by Ichiran again for breakfast because we just couldn’t get enough of ramen!  Pro Tip: Don’t drink water until you’re finished para hindi ka mabusog agad!


To get to Disney Sea from Shibuya, we rode the JR Yamanote line bound for Shinagawa station. In Shinagawa station, we transferred to the Keio Line and got off at Maihama station. From here we boarded the train going around the Disney Resort to take us to Disney Sea. It took us around an hour. 🙂





Tokyo Disney Sea

The weather was perfect; it was cloudy and had a light breeze. We showed our pre-bought tickets and went in.






The volcano that spits out fire throughout the day

Now, one of the things that baffle me about Japan is that at whatever day you go to theme parks, it is always filled with students. In their uniforms. And with backpacks. It was like that when we went here 14 years ago. It was like that when we went to Universal Studios last year in Osaka. It was still like that during this trip. A sea of school uniforms.  I’m thinking a couple of schools organized their field trips on the same day..?  On a Thursday..? Haha.

See the sea of students there on the left side?!
Me trying to squeeze in a selfie with the volcano! 😛

We stopped for a while to strategize our day. With the help of our expert Kate (lol), we went to the Journey to the Center of the Earth first to get fast passes for the 10:55-11:55 slot. Time check: 10:15AM


To pass the time, we rode to the Indiana Jones ride.The truth is I’m not a fan of rollercoaster rides or rides with insane drops. I hate the feeling you get in your chest while descending from an incline at fast speed. My screams usually don’t last that long so there is a point in the drop where I just don’t breathe. lol. I don’t remember this ride from my trip back in 2002 so you can imagine my anxiety. Jeto and Kate were hinting that there was a drop and just told me na “Kaya mo iyan”. I was panicking real bad and was ready to scream really hard when the drop came. When it was time for the drop, I screamed real loud… but then it was done. I felt relieved but at the same time underwhelmed. HAHAHA. Whew.



Me, post-ride

With still a lot of time to spare before the Journey ride, we went to the Raging Spirits to get fast passes. I had no plan on riding this one (see previous paragraph. I know, KJ) but my companions insisted that I still get the pass in case I change my mind.


After this, we went back to the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. I expected this one to be a mellow ride compared to Indiana Jones so the longer drop was a total surprise. HAHAHA.

After that, we went to get fast passes  again for the Tower of Terror. It was only 12:30PM but the next available fast pass slot was at 6:30PM so we got our passes and walked around. We found a turkey leg stand and got one each.  We walked around some more and proceeded to the Raging Spirits when our slot was up. I DID NOT CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT THIS RIDE. I did not ride it for fear of passing out mid-ride! I know what happens to me when I’m upside down and it is not pretty 😛

While on our way to get fast passes to Tower of Terror…




Nice view this one
Sat this one out so selfie na lang HAHAHA

When they were done with the ride, we walked to the Arabian Coast portion. It had great architectures and smelled like curry. I kid you not. While taking photos, I noticed how creepy the clouds looked!






From here, we decided to watch King Triton’s Concert in the Mermaid Lagoon. Ariel’s Place looks really great, especially for kids. It had small attractions inside and of course, the theater. I wish they had one for Mulan, too!









The concert was okay. It was in Japanese so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, just some parts of the songs. Sebastian and Flounder were puppets animated by men who looked really happy and into the story. King Triton was a robot..? HEHE. Ariel was real played by a Caucasian woman. This girl got skills yo. She had a harness on, somersaulting and all with no safety net. But, again, the concert was in Japanese so all I could do was smile and say “Oh cool!”.




Bye, Ariel!



We were already famished by this time (2PM-ish) so we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Good thing we decided to eat late because there were only a few people still eating.


Melon soda with strawberries.. and chia!

We still had a lot of time left until the Tower of Terror ride. We went to our next destination, Toy Story Mania. In this ride, you kill aliens with paintball cannons by pulling the string. I really loved this ride. I loved it in Hong Kong Disneyland and I loved it more in Tokyo.


Alien mochis!


Even with the long line to Toy Story Mania, we still had an hour before the Tower of Terror. I had doubts I could survive Tower of Terror  so I decided to skip that ride. I was not proud of that decision but my brain was on survival mode.

Another ride, another shame selfie 😛

We separated when it was time for the ride. I walked (got lost) trying to find stores where I could buy pasalubong. It was already getting windier and colder.







Out of all the things I saw, I only bought the socks! :))

After maybe half an hour, we met up again so we could go home.

Jeto had a concert to go to so it was just me and Kate going back to Shibuya. We took pictures by the entrance one last time (sobrang struggle because of the lighting) and then went out with satisfied smiles on our face. Good job, us. Goodbye Disney Sea! ‘til next time!






What happened next

We were already on the train bound for Shibuya when we realized our house keys were with Jeto! HAHAHA! We wanted to drop our bags at the house before browsing the stores in Shibuya pa naman. Hehe. We waited at Mo’s in Shibuya and met up with him at Zanmai Sushi after for a very late dinner. Zanmai Sushi was full so we had to wait a while. Prices are steep and I doubt the seafood is always fresh in a 24-hour sushi restaurant so if you want to eat sushi, save it for your Tsukiji visit.





Our second day was very tiring with all the walking and stressing (for me. hehe). Nonetheless, this day was a success. We weren’t in a rush going from one ride to the next thanks to the fast passes. 🙂




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