Stranded in Siargao: Island Hopping Tour

Three years ago, we started what I think is a tradition— our annual beach trips! That year, I, Kit and three of our friends went to Dumaguete and Oslob to swim with the whalesharks (I failed). The year after that, we (plus two more friends) went to Siquijor to discover the magic that seemingly surrounds the island. This year, our beach trip was to sunny Siargao.

Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines—people from all over the world come here to enjoy the island life and ride the waves in Cloud 9. I, not being a surfer, only wanted to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle that I often see in social media. Hahahaha! Buti na lang supportive ang friends ko. Charot. Lahat naman kami nag-decide na pumunta sa Siargao this year.

We opted the Manila-Surigao-Siargao route—fly from Manila to Surigao and then ride a ferry to Siargao since this is cheaper.

Days before our flight, we found out na hindi pala kami aabot sa last ferry papuntang Siargao. Apparently, the last ferry leaves the Surigao Port at 11:30-12:00 noon. E ang flight namin 12noon dadating, imposible nang maka-abot. We had the option to hire a private boat (2,500 per person) or change accommodation. Our original plan was to spend one night in Kalinaw Resort and then two nights in Siargao Bleu. We chose a different accommodation na lang for the first night. So from Kalinaw, we moved to Club Tara which uses a different port.

Our flight to Surigao was smooth and our ferry ride was uneventful. When we docked at Club Tara, we were a little disappointed. Little kasi we’ve read reviews that it wasn’t a great place. The cottages looked old from the outside (pati na rin sa loob, when we went to our rooms), the pool was empty and dirty, there was limited mobile signal, and walang ibang tao. They said they had a big group of foreigners who just checked out, so I don’t know. The island really looked isolated and..undeveloped. Parang may gubat sa likod. Hehe. Also, there was only one security personnel that we saw kaya medyo nakakatakot. Don’t get me wrong, I think the island has potential..if only the owner can invest in it. Ang ganda ng view ng sea from the resort. Mababait naman kasi staff nila, so I guess kailangan lang talaga nilang pagandahin iyong facilities. Ang ganda ng concept e, hindi lang natutukan saguaro. Walang follow-through.

The cottages
Friendly resort kitty
Hi! :”>

We had our meals there and by nightfall, we were eager to just get out. Our ferry to Siargao was at dawn and our boatman just used flashlights to navigate. We passed by one port to fetch people and supplies. I really admire them. Biro mo, ang dilim dilim tapos ang gamit mo lang flashlight para i-direct iyong boat.

We got to Siargao port and waited for our ride to Siargao Bleu. Mga 30 minutes din kaming naghintay. We had a 9AM island hopping tour so I was a bit anxious but when we got to the resort, okay naman. They didn’t rush us; we had breakfast and some time to freshen up. Our island hopping tour provided a personal butler/tour guide, Kuya Allan. He is from Manila but his father is from Siargao. He moved to Siargao and works as a tourist guide now. I just have to say that he’s really understanding and ma-alaga.

Ready for the islandzzzz
Low tide! See that small boat in the middle? That’s our boat!


Our island tour took us to three different islands- Dako Island (the biggest one), Guyam Island (smallest one) and Naked Island (just pure white sand). We stopped over at Dako Island first to leave our food supplies so they can already start cooking. We extended because it started to rain. After the rain subsided, we headed to Naked Island. True enough, it’s bare.

Naked Island. You can see the a part of the sand bar. We also snorkelled near here


We went back to Dako Island to have lunch and just chill. There was a nicely shaped shoreline (?) there that we couldn’t stop taking photos of!

One of Daku Island’s many dogs 🙂
With the donut
I really fell in love with how blue the sea is. Iyon talaga ang unang napansin ko in Siargao.
This became our staple lunch whenever we were on tour. WINNER ANG KINILAW!

Kuya Allan told us that we dictate how much time we wanted to spend at each of the island but we had to leave at five because the waves might get rougher. After our fill of sumptuous food and of the blue sea, we hopped on the boat and went to the last island, Guyam Island.

Guyam Island really is a small island. We went around the island in a few minutes. Hahaha! The swimming area—where we docked– is small because the back of the island was a bit rocky. And because it’s so small, it got a little crowded when more tourists arrived.

With Kuya Allan. I super recommend him 🙂



Ang liit ng island diba?!

We got back to the resort as the sun started to set. We had dinner at a nearby pizza and pasta place and had a movie night in our room. While watching The Forest, the room started moving. We first noticed the hanging lamp swaying and that’s when we realized what was happening, Surigao Earthquake. Honestly, it was scary. It wasn’t quick and the fact that we were in an island made it more frightening. Will there be a tsunami? Are the resort buildings stable enough? How will we get out of here?

We didn’t feel any aftershocks and not much news were available yet so that let us have some sleep.




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