Wedding Update #1

Hey! How’s it going?

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates. Things started going cray right after the proposal. I joined a bunch of wedding groups and they strongly emphasized to start booking suppliers early. And that I did; my mom thought I was nuts. And because I got super focused on the wedding, work started to pile up so I had to attend to that after. But, now, I’m sort-of back! So I’ll just update you on what we’ve checked off from our list so far,

Okay, wait. Initially, I didn’t want to do wedding updates in this blog because you know, life. See paragraph above. Then, I realized this is something I want to document and maybe look back on years from now.

Date –  February 4, 2018

Our family is guided by feng shui especially when it comes to dates. My mom was very adamant that we find a lucky day for our wedding.

Side story: When I got home after our beach trip, I was joking that my mom might have a date already. And she did!

It took quite a while before we finalized the date. If given a choice, we (Kit & I) would’ve wanted a ber-month wedding para medyo malamig pa. My mom, together with her contacts, tried to find us a date during the ber months but there were none. There was only one date (Feb 4, 2018) and the next good one would be two years from now.

Church – St. Therese Parish

My parents are really traditional so they wanted me to get married at our hometown. We (Kit & I) also decided that this was the wisest choice because a.) It would be waaay cheaper b.) Most churches in Manila would’ve been booked already since we had less than a year to plan. We chose a small parish, my high school’s parish, where my parents and brothers got married. Nice, noh?

Reception and Caterer – Gloria Maris Dagupan, CSI Stadia

This was really a no-brainer. Chinese wedding= Chinese food. We got our relative who owns a Chinese restaurant. The venue is already packaged with the caterer. We’re already familiar with the venue and honestly, it may be the best in the city.

Photographer – Jaja Samaniego

Before we started looking for suppliers, Kit and I talked about our non-negotiables. One of mine was that the photographer and videographer should come from Manila, or at least not from Dagupan. I wanted my wedding to be different from other weddings held in our town and I knew if I got a local one, my photos would definitely look like my brother’s.

This was probably the hardest decision by far. We wanted our photos to be bright and happy. Also, since we’re both not good in front of the camera, we tried to find a photographer that can capture moments without the need to direct us too much. We want genuine emotions and not those fake smiles.

We shortlisted, I think, four photographers: three from Manila and one from Baguio. We got their rates and ranked them based on their rates first and then work next. We narrowed them to two after talking to them through e-mail. Ultimately, we chose Jaja because we think she offered the best package for the price. We got the Wedding + Album and Prenup from her.

We met her after a month of communication and I could say that I liked her aesthetic. Even her office was immaculate- simple but classy. I was slightly intimidated and nervous while we were on our way to her office but soon realized that I had nothing to worry about when we shook hands. We booked her that day.

Videographer – Woodstock Cinema

I was not that much particular with the videographer. All I wanted was that they came from Manila. I left the research to Kit and he found Woodstock Cinema. They are relatively new to the wedding scene so their rates are competitive. They suggested that we meet them at a bridal fair para we get to save money. Sakto rin kasi Kit & I were scheduled to meet in Manila that weekend.

I loved them the moment we met them. They’re very friendly and I’d say, kalog. They gave us free aerial coverage and a possible coverage the night before the wedding if ever merong dinner or what-not. They also offered a staggered payments option during the fair which I think was generous of them considering na they’re new lang

Host – Filbert and Shanda Uy

One of the things that someone told me to do and I wished I listened to was to book a host ASAP. See, Chinese weddings GREATLY depend on auspicious dates. It is not a shock for certain dates to be very busy with Chinese weddings leading to a shortage of Chinese hosts. Unlike regular wedding hosts whose basic requirement would be to speak Filipino or English fluently, Chinese hosts also need to speak AND sing Mandarin/Fookien very well. Hindi sulit kung hindi kumakanta ang host.

I was busy with work so I let Kit handle this one too. He messaged SEVERAL hosts asking for their availability. I think he asked more than five and guess what, most of them were already booked; two (most famous) did not reply and one rejected us. I followed-up with one of the in-demand ones (Jerome Go) via Messenger but he was also booked. I really commend him because I felt he really wanted to work with us but in the end, he chose to be professional and not let anything compromise my and his other event. He even offered to look for a host for us.

I asked others for recommendations and we were able to ask more people. In the end, I think we had three choices. We narrowed it again to two and chose the one who sings. Haha.

Later on, the other famous host, finally replied and said he was already booked on our date. SINCE LAST YEAR. CHINESE WEDDINGS BE CRAYYYY.

OTD Coordinator- Kiss The Girl

OTD coordination was not one of the suppliers I wanted to splurge on because I thought on-the-day lang and most probably, they haven’t worked with our local suppliers yet. I was thinking they might have a hard time coordinating if that’s the case.

I still asked for the rates of the Manila-based OTD coordinators just to have some baseline when I started looking locally.

I found two coordinators in our city and contacted them both. I got turned off by the first one I texted so I was planning on getting the second one I found. Some issue suddenly appeared and it needed time to get resolved. Kit & I decided that we won’t wait for it anymore. He messaged Kiss The Girl and talked to Arbee. I’ve been reading a bunch of good reviews about them so wala talagang hesitation on my part. Kit was okay with their rates given na our guest list will be a bit big so we booked them.

Prenup Stylist- Indie Hippie (Halsy)

When we asked Jaja the best time for a prenup shoot, she suggested a few months before the wedding but before their peak months starting September. Our wedding was set on Feb kaya the ‘ideal’ months would obviously fall on their busiest.

After talking to everyone involved, we settled on August hopefully before the rainy season fully sets in kasi we plan on doing it in the beach.

Because our theme was laid-back and casual, I did not think we needed a stylist. I guess Kit thought na we would not have much time to conceptualize or plan the layouts so he suggested we get a stylist. We did find a reasonable package with Indie Hippie kasi it included the make-up na plus no OOTF if we pick them up.


I had not planned on choosing our priest but I wanted someone I knew. Wala naman akong ka-close na priest kaya I let this thought go but my family suggested we get this one. I do know him but I’ve always been shy in front of him. I won’t disclose who he is kasi I’m not sure if pwede. Hehe.

I’m glad that he’s available on our date but also nervous at the same time. He wants to meet us personally before the wedding which I am excited to go to 🙂 It makes me feel like he wants to know us more and not give a generic homily during the wedding. Haha. Tell me if ganito lahat ng priests.


Hmm.. I think that’s it for now. I’ve met with two designers already and I’m close to booking one. I love his design process that involves me giving him so much input. It also doesn’t hurt that he made my prom gowns, my mom’s ninang and MOG gowns and one of my brother’s entourage gowns 😉

I’ve also scheduled a trial with a potential HMUA and been talking to different stylists for the church and reception. We have a potential lights and sounds supplier and band na.

What else… Oh, entourage list is also almost done. Ang hirap pala kapag malaki ang family tapos parehong bunso ang couple. Hehe. Hint: We’re going to have 10 flower girls 😛

I guess that’s it.

See ya soon!


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