Guess what?

I’m getting married!

My next blog series was supposed to be about our beach trip in Siargao but I decided to slip in a post because I wanted to share something quite significant.

Last week, Kit staged this sweet and simple proposal with our friends in our favorite place, Montemar Beach Resort. It was everything I wanted the proposal to be- simple, intimate and meaningful.

The trip was supposed to be just my trip with friends but Kit’s friends also wanted a “beach trip”. The place was already fully booked when they inquired so they were waitlisted. A day before the trip, someone cancelled so Kit and his friends got their rooms. I learned that Kit already booked the rooms last month so the resort wasn’t really “fullybooked”. Sweet.

On the day of the trip, I woke up with a stomach bug and that made me contemplate if I still wanted to go. The resort was a four-hour drive from my house and I know there weren’t any reliable bathrooms on the way. Okay, sorry for the TMI. I decided to just go ahead since it’s been a long time since I saw my friends. #YOLO. My initial plan was to leave at 8AM so I could still make it in time for lunch at the resort but I left the house past 9AM already.  Kit and my friends got there first and were just waiting for me to arrive.

Just before 1PM, I finally arrived. What relief! I already drank medicines before leaving the house so I was all good but nevertheless, at least I had one less thing to worry about. We had lunch but just us girls. I was set on just focusing on my girls weekend and Kit was doing the same. We weren’t together all day; just the casual greetings whenever we crossed paths.


At dinnertime, Kit and his friends got to the restaurant first. By the time we got there, I didn’t see them anymore and  I thought they were already in their rooms. After we finished our meal, we decided to go out and walk along the shore to have a photoshoot. We were wearing dresses because we were going to have a “Wine Night” in our room. Hahahahaha.

The stars were abundant and shining,  and the waves were a joy to hear; soothing to the soul (naks). My friends were carrying flashlights kasi they said it would be dark. I remember Kit messaging me saying how bright the stars were and after a few meters, we saw some people sitting on the sand. I couldn’t see clearly who they were but they were waving to us so I just assumed it was Kit and his friends. As we were nearing them,  Eka grabbed my arm and led me closer to the water. I felt a slight nervousness and just told her,  “‘Wag mo naman ako lunurin, girl” or something like that. She handed me a note and they were holding the flashlight above me so I could read it. I knew then what was happening. I read Kit’s letter and I just started ugly crying. HAHAHAHA. I didn’t know what to do after reading it so I was just waiting. They asked me,  “Tapos mo na basahin?” When I said yes, they turned me around and there was Kit– standing in the middle of LED lights on the sand. I went closer to him and he knelt down and asked me to marry him. I don’t know where my voice went. I nodded and he started putting the ring on my left ring finger but because I am me, I asked him “Sa left ba? o sa right?” HAHHAHAHA. We honestly didn’t know so he put it on the right instead. We hugged each other and turned to face the crowd. IT WAS SO AWKWARD. ANO BA ANG GINAGAWA AFTER MA-ENGAGE?? I didn’t know know so I KEPT WAVING TO THEM AND SAYING THANK YOU. HAHAHAHA. Napansin ko lang ito after watching the videos.

Sure ka ba?

After all the photos and congratulations, we headed to our room to finally have our Wine Night… but in our pajamas.

#NikKit4ever crew

It was a weekend of fun, friendships and love. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Photo credits:
Eka & Jegs


Spa and Slope

On our last full day in Hokkaido, we were encouraged to go to the Sapporo Ice Festival  before checking out since it was just walking distance from our hotel.  My sister and I already saw most of the sculptures so we planned to drop by to just buy souvenirs; we also bought our other pasalubongs from Don Quijote last night. We still spent a few hours looking at all the available items there, though.


I’m really digging the baby winter gear

We went back just in time to board the bus going to our lunch venue where they served different kinds of crab dishes. Imagine steamed crab, crab sashimi, crab in soup. Super generous with crabs!



After lunch, it was time to shop… for two hours. We wanted to buy sneakers for our dad so we located the nearest Adidas store which was maybe, 30 minutes away by foot. We walked to the mall (it was a beer factory-turned-mall) and spent just an hour there. We took a taxi going back and guess what, it only took around 10-15 minutes. My sister was pissed. HAHAHAHA.

With our shopping done, we were off to the Mt. Okura viewing point. The observatory is located inside the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium where the 1972 Winter Olympics ski jump competitions were held. Ski jumping is.. Well that. They jump from a slope in their skis.  While we were there, some athletes were training for their upcoming competitions. Sobrang wild nila.  I don’t know how steep the slopes were pero, grabe, when I saw them going down ako ang kinakabahan. What if they land wrong?  SOBRANG WILD.

The slope!

To get to the observatory, we rode an open-air chair lift which was beside the slope. We had a good view just how fast the athletes were going down. HEART ATTACK. When we got to the top,  the view was so serene. Winter forest ang peg;  covered ng snow LAHAT. Sky meets snow lang as far as you can see!  Kapag spring na, puro green naman daw.

My sana-di-ko-mabitawan-phone-ko face



spot the athletes!

From that angle, we watched the athletes again. Wala kang makikitang hesitation. They go up via the chair lift, sit down sa waiting area and then boom, they ski jump.  Tapos akyat ulit.


Just before closing time, we went back down and travelled to our trip’s last stop, Jozenkai Tsuruga Resort Spa- Mori No Uta. It’s a spa resort and it is my current favorite place. GUSTO KONG BUMALIK. Ang calming ng interior nila. The place is so relaxing and nature- inspired which are my pegs for my future home.  Plus and plus for me.  Bawal magpasok ng shoes sa loob ng room so every floor may shoe locker and slippers!

The lobby


Left door goes to the shower. Right door (not in photo) goes to the toilet. I would’ve taken home the soap and stuff, kung pwede lang 😦




Cute noh?

We didn’t get to avail the facilities  (like hot springs, massage, etc) kasi we had a very long dinner (with geishas!) and we still had to pack. I think if I’m  going to splurge on my next trip, this is one I’d splurge on. WALA AKONG MAGANDANG PICTURES SO THOSE WON’T DO THE PLACE ANY JUSTICE PERO HERE’S THE LINK TO THEIR WEBSITE, Mori No Uta. Promise, ang ganda talaga!

The next day we were up early for our flight back to Tokyo, and then Manila.


It was honestly a surprise for me that I got back home healthy. I expected allergy attacks because of the cold temperature but I guess Hokkaido was kind to me. Despite the freezing days, I’d like to go back again to see more ice festivals (apparently, marami pala all around Hokkaido), to eat more of their dairy products and of course, to stay at Mori No Uta again, or maybe during spring? For now, I’ll just make do with the few photos (boo) from that Winter Wonderland.

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With 2016 coming to a close,  I’d like to share with you the things I learned this year:

  • You are your worst enemy 

Earlier this year, I joined my first 21K Marathon by Nike. It took me months before I finally decided to sign up mainly because I was not sure I could finish 21 kilometers of running. I kept thinking I wasn’t ready; I haven’t logged that much miles in yet. I kept saying “Ang kapal naman ng mukha kong sumama sa 21K.” I focused on my failures that I did not see my potential.  I’m grateful my breastfriend convinced me to challenge myself and I’m proud to say that I exceeded my expectations. Ang goal ko lang naman kasi ay hindi maging last, haha!– my time was about 3 hours and 2 minutes.

  • Your only competition should be yourself 


In Crossfit, I remember being the last one to finish a WoD and I felt really defeated. It discouraged me to attend classes because I was ashamed of being last.  When I started training for the 21K, I forced myself to regularly attend sessions even when I knew I would hate the WoD. I started feeling better about myself not because I was the #1 in the stats board but because I was feeling better with what I could accomplish with my body. I didn’t mind what was on the board anymore as long as I completed the WoD alive and kicking! Bonus na lang if my time is better than my time before or others’ 🙂

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Nike Women Victory Tour 2016: Manila

I’m aliiiive!

The Nike Women Victory Tour 2016 in Manila was held last Sunday in Cavitex. The starting line was at Blue Bay Walk along Roxas Blvd and the finish line was at Island Cove in Cavite. This is the first time I ran or heard of a run, really, that didn’t circle back to starting line. The run started at 4:30AM but since we were at the back of the crowd, we only crossed the starting line at around 4:40 to 4:50?

Fresh before the run

Kilometer 1 to 5 was okay; I and my buddy, Eka, were able to run that distance at a comfortable pace. After the water break, I was starting to feel some soreness so I suggested we start walking. We walked for a few meters then started to run again. This cycle continued until around kilometer 14 (?)– we’d run, stop for water or medic break, walk for a while and then run again. After that, my knees started hurting so I took more and longer walking breaks. I felt I would slow down Eka so I asked her to just continue forward if she wanted to.

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Half Series: Week 9

Here I am finally at the last week of official training for the half marathon..

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.56.32 PM.png

Monday (May 2)



There were nine of us so the class had a lot of interactions and distractions HAHA. We took a really long time before starting the main WOD.

Warm up was some active stretching and Burgener Warm Up but only up to the cleans.

This month’s skill focus is the clean which I love so much ❤

Today, Coach Pat taught us the clean grip deadlift. The clean grip deadlift is the first step of a successful clean. Like the deadlift you start from the floor and slowly lift the bar up to the knee with your shoulders a little over the bar, legs at hip width and with your hands well, at clean grip. Unlike a regular deadlift though where you continue this slow place up to about mid-thigh, a clean grip deadlift requires a little explosiveness when lifting from knee to mid-thigh. This means that when the bar is already at knee level, you speed up the lift to the mid-thigh.

Another difference is the hip height. Unlike a deadlift where your hips are high, a clean’s starting position requires the hips to be a little lower. I love how our box now has a skill focus each month. It makes me not lose interest in things that I would I miss because now I know, every time I go, I’d get to do it.

Next, the METCON WOD consisted of the following with a 20 minute cap

  • Five laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • Four laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • Thee laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • Two laps medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)
  • One lap medicine ball run
  • 10 deadlift (clean grip)

I used the 15lbs medicine ball and I think I used 35kg or 25kg for the deadlifts. My arms were sore holding that big cotton-filled medicine ball while running. I started carrying it in front of my chest then shifted it to my right arm (kargador style) then to my left but my arms just couldn’t take it. I’m so glad finished the workout alive with 8:57 left on the clock. So I guess I finished it in 11:03. The struggle was real but the sweat and pain were still worth it.

Look, guys! Finally, hindi ako last!


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