Years ago, every New Year’s eve, I remember myself wondering if by next year I’d have someone to celebrate the New Year with. Any holiday, actually. I wasn’t sad or desperate or anything. I just really wanted to know when will be the time I’d have someone to jump with, toast with and hug come midnight.

Few years passed and I still had no one. I was fine. I was okay. Work was great and our family just overcame a difficult time. I was resting. I was content. But as they say, best things happen when you least expect the most.

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Tokyo Adventure Day 4-5: Central and Northern Tokyo and then some

One of the things that we immediately agreed on was going to Japan’s Tsukiji Market. Reading about it the past years got me interested in experiencing the Japanese’s market day and eating really fresh sushi.

We decided to skip the auction since:

  1.  It is only limited to about 120 people per day
  2. Tourists have to apply to get a slot, and
  3. It is freaking early. The auction starts around 5AM but people line up very early to get to the first batch. Knowing us, we wouldn’t wake up in time especially since our first few days were packed.

Aside from Tsukiji, Kate also wanted to visit gardens. I did too. Luckily, Tokyo has a bunch of gardens scattered all over the city. Given this, our fourth day was focused mainly on Central and Northern Tokyo. We had three options to go to after the market: Imperial Palace and Garden, Yasukini Shrine or Koishikawa Korakuen. In the end, we chose Koishikawa Korakuen.

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Tokyo Adventure Day 3: Mount Fuji

Right off the bat, I just want to say that there is a big chance I have forgotten some (okay, maybe a lot) details about this trip because it has been a month. All I have is a Notes file on my phone to help me write this and succeeding posts. So sorry. 😦

Alright, here I go.

We really wanted to do all the tourist-y things that we could do in Tokyo kasi di ba, sayang naman ang trip. So.. What is more tourist-y than seeing the infamous Mount Fuji? 😀

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Tokyo Adventure Day 2: Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo is blessed with having two Disney theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. I don’t really know the difference but upon googling it, Tokyo Disneyland is like other Disneyland theme parks in other countries; nothing really unique according to this blog Travels In Translation. Disney Sea, on the other hand, is only available in Japan and has a “sea” theme. We let Kate (cousin from the US who is visiting) decide and she chose Disney Sea. My choice too, if you ask me.

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Tokyo Adventure Day 1: Western Tokyo

We were already at the NAIA Terminal 2 by around 5AM since our flight was at 8:45. However, our flight got delayed and was only able to leave at around 9:20AM. As you can see in the previous post, our schedule was really packed on the first day so this unexpected delay was not a good sign.

After around four hours, we landed at Haneda International Airport ~2:00PM local time. My nephew Jeto got a little held up at the airport because the immigration agent’s machine to check passports was not functioning. We got our luggage and proceeded to our Airbnb in Shibuya.


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